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The renewed image of Ipas

“Trust me, try it”: this is how Ipas presents its renewed image to its customers. A transformation that reflects the growth of the company and its evolution in products, processes, ingredients to always be at the highest level of standards of taste, safety, traceability, sustainability.

The more than 40 years of history and the results achieved by the company are evidence of the constant research in satisfying the needs of the customers and of its ability to intercept the requests of the food industry.

The renewal of the image and communication of Ipas – which includes the restyling of the logo and of the website – follows the evolution experienced by the company, now entrusted to the second generation of the founder’s family and to a first line of management established according to the most current corporate governance standards for SMEs, increasingly appreciated by the market.

The pay off that expresses the mission and character of Ipas – “Trust me, try it” – therefore becomes both a declaration and an invitation: a declaration of total reliability for customers and an invitation to put the company to the test and its products.

The logo
The new logo, with a soft design and well-defined fonts, is based on clarity as the modus operandi of Ipas. The green that makes up the name, an explicit reference to natural ingredients, is interrupted by the yellow dot, which puts the accent on the company’s specialties: cheese-based preparations. However, these are now only a part of the range of products offered.

The new site
Together with the logo, the website has also been renewed to make it even more usable and functional. The customer who scrolls through the pages finds all the detailed information as well as direct contacts and the form to obtain any information on the products and the tailor-made production methods that can meet the needs of the market

The catalog to download
The Ipas catalog with all the information is also available on the site, to be downloaded free of charge and always kept close at hand.