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Made in Italy: quality and know-how for the international food industry

The food market is highly competitive today and the food industry can make use of an always valid ally, Made in Italy. We are talking about at least 3 factors: the quality of the food, the Italian know-how and the value of the Mediterranean diet.

The Ipas R&D team creates completely custom-made food preparations, creating unprecedented and highly customized sensory profiles. And following the strict guidelines of the best made in Italy.

High quality raw materials

Made in Italy means not only great variety, but also high quality ingredients. In this way our food preparations enhance the finished products of the food industry.

Dairy know-how

Cheeses constitute a specific sector in which each taste has its own personality and each name constitutes an important expectation for the consumer, difficult to replicate without the correct dairy know-how. Ipas was born in Italy from a long experience in the sector, which has expanded to all the most loved cheeses in the world.

Among the cheeses used: cheddar, emmenthal, mozzarella, fontina, scamorza and sweet or smoked provola, raclette, brie, caciocavallo, gruyere, edam, tilsiter, gouda and other dairy products such as ricotta and yoghurt.

The strength of PDOs

The Protected Designation of Origin is a brand attributed by the European Union to products whose characteristics strictly depend on the territory of origin. Ipas uses Gorgonzola DOP, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Provolone DOP, Pecorino DOP, Taleggio DOP and Asiago DOP in particular. A further guarantee of Italian quality.

The typical Italian tastes

The Ipas food preparations based on cheese and milk derivatives or of vegetable origin retrace the wide variety of Italian cuisine, thanks to the use of specific raw materials. An example among all? Cured meats, among the flagships of the Italian diet. In particular, ham, speck, mortadella, bacon, salami are used.

The value of the Mediterranean diet

There are aromas and perfumes that speak of Italy all over the world. And that cannot be missing from the food proposals dedicated to a contemporary public. We are talking about vegetables such as tomato, radicchio, spinach, peppers, asparagus, aubergines, courgettes. But also mushrooms and broccoli, for recipes with a recognizable and distinctive taste.

A special chapter is dedicated to aromatic herbs. They are one of the secrets of a healthy Mediterranean diet because they add flavor without adding salt or fat. Among the best known thyme, basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, parsley that can embellish all food preparations.

Other typical ingredients are pesto, olives, capers, dried tomatoes and citrus fruits: quality raw materials made in Italy that enrich Ipas functional products to create successful finished products.